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Babel Lounge

Babel Lounge 9.929455 -84.07352
Downtown, San Jose Costa Rica Phone (506) 2222-5510 Hours : Tue-Sat 7:00pm-2:00am
BabelLoungeFoodBabelLounge-Photo1 Babel Lounge is located 150 to the East of AyA of the Paseo de los Estudiantes, San Jose.

Babel Lounge is a Bar, Restaurant and Discoteque offering all different music types from varied, dance, the top 40 to electronic and pop.

Their menu is full of all different types of light dishes; hamburgers, sushi, burritos, nachos, mozarella sticks, papas salteadas, ceviche, patacones, humus.

On average, most dishes are ₡2,500.

Babel Lounge is a cool, funky lounge bar with a great atmosphere.

They offer different types of entertainment, theme nights and some great music.
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